Rory Ogg

Coach Rory Ogg

Pulse Fencing was founded in 2016 by Rory Ogg. Rory has over 15 years experience in Fencing and has represented New Zealand in Fencing internationally multiple times. Rory is the head coach and founder of Pulse Fencing. In addition to Rory, Pulse Fencing has a network of approved coaches whom also have years of experience.

Since being founded in 2016, Pulse Fencing has extended from being just a fencing club into offering High School Coaching, private 1-on-1 coaching and also repairing and supplying Fencing equipment. Pulse Fencing is just getting started and aims to be the Premier Fencing company in New Zealand.

Despite graduating from university with an Accounting Degree, Rory decided to turn his passion and love for Fencing into a business as he saw many opportunities in the market and with his love of Fencing, wanted to get more people interested in the sport.

Meet our coaches

Robert Ogg

Coach Robert Ogg

Robert has been coaching and helping coaching for many years. He’s taken the beginners course and intermediate course at Auckland Swords Club and also helped coach many individuals. He’s superb at giving one-on-one lessons. 

Benedictus Anindityo

Coach Benedictus Anindityo

Bene is one of Pulse Fencing’s assistant coaches in training. He’s great at taking footwork and proficient in providing one-on-one lessons. He’s the second in charge at Avondale Fencing Club and has been fencing for years.