Pulse Fencing runs club nights each Monday from 7 pm till 10 pm, as well as, Wednesdays 7 pm till 9:30 pm, at the Kelston Community Centre – 135 Awaroa Road, Sunnyvale, Auckland 0612.

This session includes a thorough warm-up, Footwork, drills, conditional fencing and free fencing.

The club is suitable for all people interested in doing fencing of ages ten and older.

We have fencers with all ranges of ability, some competitive fencers who have travelled overseas and those just beginning.

We provide all the equipment needed for those just starting but encourage students to purchase their own as they progress in the sport.

Pulse Fencing has Electric boxes for all members to use so they can practice professionally.

The drills will help both amateur and competitive fencers improve along with private lessons that are available to those who want to take the next step in improving their performance.

Two rows of fencing students, practicing basic hits
Two rows of fencing students, practicing basic hits