Benedictus Fencing Report W-Dawn Tournament

On the tournament pools I think I let go of too many points, the big difference between this tourney and last one is theres a lot more fencers to keep track of in a bigger pool and I had less info coming in regarding how to get fence each of em. My performance overall I think was as expected, one thing I could improve is control and not loosing cool, because if i kept cool and didn’t let my game slip i couldve lost less points and gotten more points in all bouts. Overall I think I kept my cool better compared to the previous tournament, didn’t overthink as much but I feel the more I fence the more it gets in my head. As of what works I’ve been using my feet more, following up on second intentions, not letting the opponent get that point by any means necessary, and I find that if I can just get my point where I want it to be I land most parry ripostes, just need to incorporate more parries to better set up from different lines and not riposting straight away and loosing that row instantly.